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And here I have returned to the third part of the problem of the past after a long time and I am sorry to cut it out. This part will be shocking to the majority and as the story mentioned Adventure + Imagination Enjoy reading this story in the series The Beginning of the Age of Harmony  
♣ •. • ´¯ •. •• {Let's start} ••. • ´¯ •. • ♥  
And after they reached cadence and Twilight, they find a young land foal playing with the rest of the colts and asking her as a cadence  
cadence : - Hello, little girl, is this the huffington?  
The name of the young foal was Blue White Drop and her answer …  
Blue White: - Yes, it’s Huffton, madam … one minute.  
TWILIGHT: Yeah we are, and we are …  
Blue White: Don’t tell me I know Princess cadence ! But who are you?  
cadence : - This is Princess Twilight Sparkle, the new ruler of Equestria!  
Blue White: -What! When did equestria become its new ruler ?!  
TWILIGHT: It’s a long story. Haven’t you heard the news?  
Blue White: - No, we don’t like reading newspapers  
Twilight and cadence are surprised at what this foal is saying  
Blue White: - It does not matter, you do not know how happy I am to reach you, His Majesty Princess cadence , you do not know how much Hoffton loves you here!  
Twilight: - Whisper to cadence - Have you visited this village before ?!  
cadence : - No, I don’t remember, but ..  
Blue White, you did not visit, you were …  
Twilight: - Sorry for interrupting him, little girl, but can you take us to this town please?  
Blue White: - Oh, you are here to meet her …. well follow me …  
Twilight and cadence go with Blue White, but the faces of the town’s ponies are strange, and they look at them with exclamation and says cadence  
cadence : - Look at the expressions of all the dowry in this town as if they know us and they are mostly surprised that the princess of Equestria is in their town.  
TWILIGHT: - I don’t think so, as Blue White said she knows me  
Blue White: - And here we have come, go. I could not enter the meeting!  
TWILIGHT: - Thank you …. Okay, cadence . Let’s go in and find out what’s the problem with friendship in this town.  
And Twilight opens the door and they come in and suddenly the mayor says  
….: - It’s been a long time and I haven’t met you again … Princess  
**cadence : - Persimia!  
♣ •. • ´¯ •. •• {continued} ••. • ´¯ •. • ♥  
And so we have reached the end of this part of the problem of the past, and I hope that you liked it as much as it shocked you and wait for me in the fourth part. Share with me your views in the comments and with safety:>
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