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‘: Hello equestria :’
Its have been a long time and am back with the new part of the problem of the past and u will love it and enjoy reading ~❤️
♣ •. • ´¯ •. •• {Let's start} ••. • ´¯ •. • ♥
After cadence was surprised that the mayor of Hoovington is a foal she knew before, a persimmia, she asks Twilight
Twilight: Wait, is this a persimmia that …  
Persimia: Yes, I am, but what you mean was in the past, I am the new Persimia  
cadence: But how and when after I defeated you in the past …  
Persimia: I ran away from disappointment and shame from what I did in the past, but I got better
cadence: You mean this town is ….  
Persimia: Yes, it’s the birthplace of your Rusk cadence, it’s Amoreland!  
cadence: But why was the name changed, and what happened ?!  
Persimia: It is a long story, Her Majesty Princess cadence  
cadence and Twilight go with Persimmia in town  
cadence: So after I became Alicorn and left the village forever, it changed and became a whole country
Persimia: for his country with its residents and mayor  
Twilight: But, Mrs. Persimia, why did no one know that the new Princess of Equestria has been crowned, and why don’t they read the newspapers?
Persimia: wait! Are you the new princess of Equestria?! This is an honor for me!  
Twilight: And for me too, but you answer me …
Persimia: Hoovington ponies, welcome the new Equestria princess, Twilight Sparkle!
And all the ponies were surprised by what they heard  
Persimia: Your Majesty, Princess cadence, can you accompany me for a moment?  
cadence goes with a persimmia and asks her  
cadence: So everything changed after I left and you too, but what has not changed is who my parents are …
Persimia: Yes, but for the better, and I know that you are sad because you do not know who they are, but I may help, but before this I heard that you came to Here because there’s a mission?  
cadence: Yes, a friendship mission to solve a problem here in Hoovington  
Persimia: But there are no problems here. Every big and small problem comes to me first of all
cadence: Are you sure that …
Persimia: Yes, sure, but before that, please come in, Your Majesty, let’s talk  
And at the same time it happens with Twilight  
Blue White: Give gifts, ponies, and promise that they are here to save us!  
Twilight: Wait save you from what?!  
Blue White: she…
Suddenly there is a noise from the mayor’s house, an explosion takes place, foal falls to the ground, and all the dowries are panicking and running away quickly.  
Twilight: Oh my God what just happened …
♣ •. • ´¯ •. •• {continued} ••. • ´¯ •. • ♥
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