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Tags locked because people apparently need ten different ways to say this is the first image and five different ways to say things about comments.

artist needed28935 safe2152791 derpy hooves57018 pegasus487291 pony1580756 g42005141 adventure in the comments1341 bag9364 building3488 chair11612 cigar860 derpibooru legacy23 eyes2293 featured image1194 female1779280 grin61910 gritted teeth19084 hilarious in hindsight3802 image macro40045 it begins338 j. jonah jameson62 letter3802 mail1288 male542387 mare727270 meme93186 muffin7455 necktie11010 paper4575 parody17354 phone12236 ponified50233 sitting90658 smiling389249 smoking5715 song in the comments286 spider-man2095 stallion191404 swinging324


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Background Pony #ED19
Guys the tags have been edited AFTER 5 FRICKIN YEARS
So if y’all wanted to see that happen, Congrats