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“So erm, what’s your name?”
The earth pony soldier looks down at Emerald, and says, “Uh, Biscuit.”
The two of you sit in silence for a while. Emerald sees or perhaps senses, Sensoria looking at him again.
“So, what’s with her? She keeps looking at me…”
“She’s fine once you get to know her. A little awkward, but friendly. She’s our squads transportation and magical fire support. Don’t mess with her lad.”
Emerald catches Sensoria’s eye, and she giggles. Around this time Emerald begins to hear chatter in the distance. A good ten or so more armored ponies arrive, and Cirrus briefs them on the situation.
All the soldiers except Sensoria, you, and Biscuit surround the box, weapons drawn. One of the ponies approaches and quickly pops the lid off the box and steps back. Nothing happens, so he peers inside. The soldier then reaches deep within and pulls out Stargazer. She is completely bound, gagged, and has some sort of shackle around her horn. There is a sigh of relief, and everyone relaxes a little bit.
Cirrus begins to bark out orders, and while this is going on Emerald notices that the pony who released Stargazer isn’t paying attention to the pegasus, and has started swaying slightly, and moving almost lazily to the cuff around the horn.
Cirrus notices this eventually, but before he can do anything more than draw attention to it the pony has slipped off the shackle, and there is an explosion of pink light. When it clears, there is something that has the lower half of stargazer, and the top half of what can only be described as a saw-toothed bat. Her hooves have also changed to that of some sort of clawed beast. The pony that released lies at her feet, looking very pale but oddly happy. Stargazer flies atop the box and surveys those around her.
She sees you, and the beast screeches loudly, and everyone gets their weapons ready.
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