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Pinkie Pie is now best pony

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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I looked at the linked video again, and this really reminds me of the outtakes shown at the end of ‘Cannonball Run’, though with far less profanity.
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@Background Pony #4397
I’m confused myself, I thought all of your earlier comments were from me; I was in this comments section years ago and when I responded yesterday I thought the BP system just goofed up, hence why I didn’t edit the first replying comment to reflect it. The whole chain of your comments does sound like something I’d have posted in May 2015.
… I do see the BP numbers changed between then and now, though; those who replied addressed their comments to “BP#120” which isn’t listed now. Eh, I’ll not make a big deal over it one way or another.
Background Pony #42BB
@Background Pony #60EE  
Fair, was just making sure because I’m not sure what this BP that replied to me is talking about. Perhaps it was just a mistake and they replied to the wrong comment, but it almost sounds like they’re attempting to pretend to be me and put words into my mouth, so to speak, or something else spooky? Dunno what the deal is.
No offense if that’s not true, a bit of a wild theory, just a little confused since it reads like someone replying to a comment they themselves made. I’m still here though, dunno who the other BP is, and the comment they were replying to is in fact mine. shrug
Background Pony #42BB
@Background Pony #2A76
@Background Pony #2A76  
I’m BP 4397, and while I won’t be rejoining this ancient conversation/thread, why did you reply to me? Are you one of the people I was replying to in that post? Not sure what you’re talking about, is all. Your post makes it sound like you’re replying to one of your own old comments, but you certainly aren’t me so that couldn’t be true. And the only background pony I replied to in that post was someone whose comment was deleted for whatever reason.
edit: Ah, I see it saved my number, guess I didn’t need to clarify. Sort of assumed my BP identification would have changed after a couple of years, but seems it’s persistent.
Background Pony #008F
@Background Pony #4397
Mother of God, I’m laughing at my past comments at this point. Honestly, you just can’t write this without sincerely believing it and maybe while being so self-absorbed as to ignore whatever else is going on. I had a habit of taking a lot of things (read: most everything) far too seriously, it started from not taking things seriously enough (with last-second monkey faces on camera as a kid, for example) and I think I overdid it with seriousness. I got funnier after September 2015 though, thankfully!
Carry on, soldier. :)
Dated Jan 25 2018 (my previous comments probably date to May 2015 when this clip was released.)
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is he alive?
@Background Pony #8421  
@Dirty Bit  
I’m trying to figure out what this is directly referencing, but the same shtick has been done in such a variety of media that it’s difficult to pinpoint the one y’all are referring to. Personally, I most vividly remember this trope from Chapter 2 of Super Paper Mario.