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The inevitable follow-up to this
Grab him, girls! He's making a run for it!
safe1588195 artist:badumsquish1940 derpibooru exclusive24641 big macintosh26994 oc612374 oc:warm waters3 oc:zesty suds5 earth pony203583 goo pony1772 object pony693 original species23239 pony855568 soap pony14 sponge pony4 wash cloth pony3 water pony30 bath2663 bathtub1554 bedroom eyes52373 big jackintosh27 big macintosh gets all the mares313 bubble4472 cute180710 forced bathing61 grin33387 looking at you146212 macabetes473 male309514 nervous5110 one eye closed25715 paint on fur409 ponified38677 smiling218270 soap641 sponge228 squishy cheeks2118 straight122733 wash cloth16 water11516 wink21902


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I've not even decided either if GMHAA did it on purpose as a joke, or if he legit thought "Yeah, the girl's would be happy to clean him and will do a good job" :D


He still needs to get past the loofah pony, the shampoo pony, the hair dryer pony, the towel pony, the bathmat pony…

@Background Pony #7900
True, but I like the "oh shit everything in this bath is alive" angle XD

Yep :D
I wanted one new pony to join the team for this pic.
Background Pony #BBF8
Given how many object ponies seem to occupy GMHAA's house, you'd think any regular visitors would know by now that the safest assumption is that any given thing in the house is a pony of some sort. As such if GMHAA is in the process of cleaning Big Mac and has to step out for a few minutes for something, of course the others are going to take up the slack and help out.
Background Pony #F8A0
Big Macintosh gets all the mares.
Even the anthropomorphic (normally)inanimate ones.
Background Pony #0C82
Big mac did not know what he was getting himself into when he went to Anon's house to get cleaned.