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safe2173253 artist:silfoe1575 princess celestia112649 rarity217457 alicorn313895 pony1601428 unicorn537472 g42027468 balcony1875 blushing273859 canterlot7151 duo169620 eyes closed138878 female1801545 intertwined tails377 kiss on the lips6411 kissing32518 lesbian117580 mare740372 ship:rarilestia159 shipping254018


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Background Pony #E227
Obviously Celestia made a homo spell after the mane six were born to avoid overpopulation brah. She had nothing to lose in the worst case Nightmare Moon would have to deal with it.
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IRL 🎠 stallion
So much for Rarity being straight. Celestia must have shown her that only another mare can treat a mare right and that chasing stallions is a waste of time.

I’ll bet Sweetie Belle is telescoping these two mares from another part of the castle grounds. That would make a humorous sequel to this art piece.
But, it’s silfoes fan-story, so I should not dictate. I look forward to the rest of Silfoe’s work for this story and the Moonset arc they have, as well as the nomad AU. But Don’t rush yourself Silfoe. Take your time.