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The two girls stood nearly frozen at Fluttershy’s bedroom door, jaws agape at the shocking sight.

“Uh… who’s… who’s there?” Fluttershy muttered as she removed the feeding tube from her mouth, trying to see past her fleshy and mountainous body. “Sunset… are you there?”

It’s been about a month since she began experiencing those strange cravings. Just like Rarity before her, Fluttershy started to consuming every calorie-rich food she could get her hands on. Unlike Rarity, however, her appetite and weight were quickly skyrocketing. Those extra 20 pounds quickly became 50. 50 became 100. Pretty soon, it was an extra 200 pounds before a week even passed.

After another week of stuffing herself and ballooning to an overwhelming 650 pounds, Fluttershy had to be temporarily excused from Canterlot High.

Three weeks later, it seemed like all that time away from school has done a tremendous number on her. The king-sized bed groaned and creaked beneath her mammoth-sized girth. Her massively obese belly was perhaps the most prominent feature of her immense figure, as it had swelled well past her feet and even began to sag over the foot of her bed. The rest of her body seemed long overtaken by its ever-growing mass, making her look wider than she was tall. Her legs were now just useless logs of flesh, while her arms were just as big. Even her fingers looked to be as thick as sausages.

Seeing her now in this bedridden state, it was more than obvious why Fluttershy hadn’t shown up for school… Why her brother had to be the one to pick up her homework… Why she didn’t even wish to talk to anyone during this whole time…

At least not until now.

“Holy H-Bomb, Fluttershy!” Twilight blurted out before Sunset elbowed her sharply.

“Don’t mind her,” Sunset chuckled nervously, “It’s just Twilight. She wanted to come along and check. We’re just… uh… excited to see you again.” They both walked up to the side of the bed to get a better look at Fluttershy, trying their best not to be overwhelmed by the consistently lingering odor that can best be compared to a PE locker room.

Finally, they were greeted by Fluttershy’s pudgy face. Large and chubby cheeks that drooped into a big and prominent neck roll, squishing out a bit as her head was slightly elevated by a couple of pillows. “Hi. Long time, no see,” she mumbled slowly. Her voice sounded almost unrecognizably heavier and slower compared to the soft angelic tone they were used to. But, despite sounding lethargic and out-of-breath, there was still a gentle demeanor that felt like her old self. “How’s everything?”

“Oh, not much.” Sunset smiled and she rolled back her eyes.

“Other than the extra weight you put on?” Twilight quipped.

“Hey!” Blushing almost as red as her hair, Sunset tugged on her jacket. As she did so, she could feel the extra padding on her own body squish slightly.

Fluttershy gave a soft chuckle as she continued, breathing heavily as she spoke. “I’m glad you both… could come and see me.”

“Oh, yeah. About that…” Sunset remarked, taking out pencils and notebooks for both her and Twilight. “You texted us saying that you haven’t been eating as much anymore?”

“Yeah,” Fluttershy began to explain, taking her time as she did. “I usually have to drink five meal-replacement canisters a day, but lately I can barely get through one or two of them.” Her gut suddenly gurgled loudly, causing her to stifle a deep belch. “Ugh. Sorry…”

Being closer of the two, Twilight grimaced as she fanned away the burp with her notebook. “Don’t worry about it.”

“I’m only halfway… through this one, and I’m already feeling… so full. I think my cravings… finally stopped.”

“Interesting!” Sunset exclaimed, “Hopefully, you might be able start to losing some weight pretty soon. Can you tell us more?”

“Yeah, like how you’re feeling health-wise?” Twilight interjected. “Rarity insists that she’s fine, but with you more than doubling her size, we just have to know.”

Fluttershy paused for a moment to think before answering back. “I’m actually feeling good. Really slow and heavy, but still pretty good.”

“Well, if you don’t mind, we have a lot more questions,” Sunset explained. “Maybe all this can help us understand this magical surge a little more.”

Fluttershy’s belly gurgled once again, visibly quivering this time. “Uh, maybe we should speed it up a bit?” Twilight asked anxiously, “Or else Fluttershy might have her own kind of surge.”
Fluttershy - 1247 lbs
Sunset - 175 lbs
Twilight - 120 lbs

questionable120054 artist:neongothic366 fluttershy255898 sunset shimmer78366 twilight sparkle354450 equestria girls253103 g42005043 bbw5657 bed56666 bedbound147 belly42370 belly button108357 big belly19427 bingo wings4153 blob2687 breasts384741 canister22 chubby17039 fat28692 fat boobs1369 fattershy1440 feeding tube631 female1778944 immobile4043 impossibly large belly14583 morbidly obese10381 obese15256 show accurate26410 slobset shimmer300 ssbbw2332 story included12618 trio25285 weight gain5631


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Sunset looking at this thinking “I know where I’ll be within 3 years…”
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Superb work. I see you’re great with editing to such a degre you can create new art. Say, are you open to another kind of thing with hoses?
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@Background Pony #A0C2  
Probably not;  
I imagine Applejack pulling Rarity aside and saying “Sugarcube, I… Love ya the way you are, an’ if you keep on going the way ya are, you’re only gonna end up gettin’ hurt.”  
And then there’s a pause as they gaze into each other’s eyes and for the first time they-
Well, that’s for Neon to decide.
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I don’t care how careful Rarity says she’ll be, pretty soon she’s gonna look just like this. And I welcome that day with open arms.