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And here we have a commission brought to you by Hal0Fan

It's of :iconarcadianforests: original anthro pony OC: Countess Silentmoon

Countess Silentmoon was one of the many ponies that grew up alongside Glinda and lived with her as part of Rumblepelt's posse.

She's an expert magician skilled in illusion magic.

She's also a complete mute.
safe1586425 artist:caroo680 oc611248 oc only412377 oc:countess silentmoon1 anthro233198 plantigrade anthro27306 unicorn270382 barefoot24584 beckoning499 boots19405 bra14208 clothes413388 feet35025 horn44614 panties46337 reference sheet11152 shoes30831 simple background348665 underwear55637 unicorn oc4744


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