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safe1600225 artist:crydius151 apple bloom47118 sunset shimmer58265 oc616531 oc:ardent (crydius)4 oc:eldritch26 oc:feral (crydius)8 comic:the first year's dodgeball competition10 equestria girls185247 blushing179840 comic102333 female1272831 glowing eyes10171 gynoid136 implied sci-twi88 jumping3079 offspring34674 open mouth127462 parent:oc:crydius26 parent:tempest shadow2107 parents:canon x oc1588 this will end in a night on the couch38 this will end in tears3143 tripping over words1


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Background Pony #4442
"I'm a straight-A student, and I keep getting detention for breaking the school. It's not even my fault this time!"