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safe1636729 artist:share dast385 berry punch6332 berryshine6324 bon bon15866 lyra heartstrings28693 spike76557 sweetie drops15866 twilight sparkle291372 dragon51977 earth pony222891 pony901733 unicorn293980 bridge1098 chest fluff35322 cute189228 dragons riding ponies557 female1302711 flower23837 male350215 mare448425 meme80171 ponyville5475 riding5109 sitting58872 sitting lyra535 unicorn twilight15182


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Background Pony #055B
Настоящая Твайлайцт…

Не та жалкая подделка от Меган Маккарти. Чокнутой психопатки.
Background Pony #2F6D
I feel like Spike should have been positioned a bit differently. The way he is now makes it look a little… hmmm.