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So how about a horny succubus that possesses the reflection of narcissists to make out with them? :D

safe2171224 artist:badumsquish2486 derpibooru exclusive40447 rarity217242 demon5360 demon pony2358 monster pony4928 original species36398 pony1599348 succubus2139 unicorn536522 g42025904 bedroom eyes82011 carousel boutique3129 clone3485 curtains4009 doppelganger127 duo169070 eye contact7678 eyes on the prize6826 female1799147 femdom10359 high res407611 horn188794 horns are touching898 lesbian117486 looking at each other34201 looking at someone15832 lying down46435 mare738674 mirror7379 missing cutie mark6489 narcissism380 on back34152 pinned788 reflection4665 self paradox4028 selfcest3277 shipping253769 show accurate26750 submissive23176 window13964


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ᗡ: 📶 📡
We’re gonna need more mirror succubi (mirrorcubi? I dunno) :P
My belief, is if they’re not willing to serve you, a customer, their product, then they’re giving you permission to pirate it :P
@Background Pony #DC05
@Background Pony #06EA
I was going to do Trixie first, but I really don’t draw enough Rarity :P
@The Luna Fan
Rarity’ll have fun with this one >:D
@Background Pony #B25C
That’d just get you Rarities with like Celestia’s build or something :P
Technically it sort of is. Just, temporarily taking this form is all :D
That’ll get him 5 Spikes XD
I’ll probably do one :P
It’s just yet another type of succubi. They feed off your life force through sex, so they as a species have adapted all sorts of crazy abilities. If there’s a fetish, there is a specific type of succubus or incubus who specializes in it, and they can sense what you’re into from like a mile away :P
@Background Pony #5A43
@Parallel Black
It’ll be a long long night of crazy NES-style 1 player 2 player sex :P
@Background Pony #1F85
@Background Pony #06EA
They feel everything each other feels, and they also share each other’s kinks. As long as that succubus has Rarity’s appearance she will get off to anything Rarity gets off too, and anything one feels the other will feel also >:D
@Clever Clovers
She has a few different rules. Her appearance always matches someone who’s in front of the mirror, for instance :D