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The Mane 6 in Generation 5?
The context is here:
safe1945917 artist:daftramms79 applejack186355 fluttershy235784 pinkie pie236671 rainbow dash257160 rarity201196 twilight sparkle330052 earth pony350586 pegasus394961 pony1295620 unicorn433767 g46547 g536531 applejack (g5 concept leak)259 cute231900 earth pony twilight472 featured image1046 fluttershy (g5 concept leak)291 g5 concept leaks1016 mane six35017 mane six (g5)86 pegasus pinkie pie445 pinkie pie (g5 concept leak)274 race swap17712 rainbow dash (g5 concept leak)247 rarity (g5 concept leak)192 simple background490423 twilight sparkle (g5 concept leak)269 unicorn fluttershy301 yellow background2165


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Non-Fungible Trixie -
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
@Just Wayne
Like what? Izzy is a unicorn, rather than a Pegasus. Pipp is a Pegasus, rather than a unicorn. The only thing that fits is Twilight, as she appears to be an Earth pony in the concept leaks, a trait that Sunny inherited.