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Doctor Rarity, the first clinician, having captured Rainbow Dash, is now breaking her down with intense hypno-brainwashing until she becomes Doctor Dash, DHD, the second~
Ready to serve the Equestria Dental Clinic forever!
“DHD” stands for “Doctor of Hypnotic Dentistry”- the very equipment and techniques used to corrupt her, now her specialty, developing and maintaining the technology, while being the greatest practitioner of said techniques in all Equestria. Using it all in service of spreading the gospel of dentistry and oral health/hygiene/beauty, and perfecting all teeth and mouths everywhere~
Uploaded before in these places, both with some extensive writing fleshing out even more of the amazing things about this picture and this concept of mine:

suggestive190865 artist:krd488 rainbow dash280168 rarity217715 oc948483 oc:krd97 pegasus497287 pony1604466 unicorn538793 g42031026 alternate universe13061 bondage46566 bondage furniture1864 brainwashed352 brainwashing796 chair11798 clothes635352 crossed legs4844 dentist190 dentist chair25 dentist fetish19 dialogue93135 doctor885 domination2899 dress62112 duo170694 ear piercing43912 earring32797 female1804825 gloves30170 hat124406 heart eyes29857 high heels17237 high res407917 horn191483 hypnogear449 hypnosis5664 hypnotized2841 jewelry113327 latex18958 latex clothes100 latex gloves2851 lesbian117810 lying down46900 mask10151 masking387 nurse hat1083 overhead view734 piercing64177 prone35268 restrained2226 restraints298 screen555 ship:raridash2118 shipping254433 shoes59554 simple background597344 sitting92508 sketch82908 spiral217 stockings48608 stool2341 straps1100 surgical mask254 swirly eyes3442 table13084 thigh highs59730 tools328 touching face175 uniform16594 white background162267 wide eyes19883 wingding eyes40535


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Doctor Rarity

And the blissful mind-shattering experience of having her name and identity permanently altered to Doctor Dash~
And the need to corrupt and purify other ponies with hypnotic dentistry~
Doctor Rarity

Nothing is more important to each and every clinician than oral health and beauty perfection, and that includes ourselves at the very top of our concerns. We take the same effort to maintain our own smiles as we do with all our patients.
To that end, along with the constant short breaks to brush and floss, all clinicians are required to have a minimum of two dental appointments/checkups/exams/cleanings a week with another Clinic dentist and/or dental hygienist. Some of our favorite experiences come from being on both the giving and receiving end of those intra-Clinic sessions~
(The Clinic is in a very real sense one giant, ever-growing polycule!)
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Hope for the best
@Doctor Rarity
May I ask you a question, doctor? You see, there’s an adage that says that “the cobbler’s children go barefoot.” With all due respect, what about your own dental hygiene? As the first clinician, who provides to you? Will it ever be as good as your own service? ^^