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Part 2
Update: I had Storm Butt write a real story over on fimfic.

A little gift I had commissioned for KRD by JedaySkayVoker
I did write a little story.. note I’m not a proper author, I write technical documentation :D
“Daaaaashiiee” a distant voice cut through the darkness, familiar yet very distant.
“Dashie” the smooth voice called out again as they felt warmth on their face… slowly opening their eyes, the world began fading into view.
“Come back to me Dashie.” the smooth voice continued.
in the brightly lit room, the rainbow pegasus could barely make out the features of the pony in front of them as they became faintly aware of a mechanical noise
vrrrrrrr suru… suru
The stallion felt comfort; they felt good.. something pleasurable was happening
vrrrrrrr suru… suru
trying to rouse themselves. @Dashie attempted to stretch her wings only to find they didn’t respond, she must have slept on them funny, strangely her arms didn’t want to move either
vrrrrrrr suru… suru
Wait, something was wrong, very wrong. The Peagus’s instincts brought their body to full fight or flight mode, and he was VERY awake now!
“Ahh, there you are… Enjoying your nap?” The familiar voice from before was Classy Straps, a Zony the stallion knew well. “Can’t have you cheating and dozing off”
vrrrrrrr suru… suru
Rainbow blurted a protest, only for it to be muffled with something soft and squishy in his mouth as they stared daggers into Classy’s eyes…
“You’re okay, you’re safe… we’re testing the new pump remember?”
The new pump? What on earth was this guy talking about?
vrrrrrrr suru… suru
The pleasurable feeling returned. Something was making Dashie’s stallionhood feel amazing. Like someone was…
vrrrrrrr suru… suru
gah sucking on his cock…
“Thaats it.. remember how good it feels…we wouldn’t want Dashie to have Blue Balls now, would we”

explicit472383 artist:jedayskayvoker1523 rainbow dash280168 oc948516 oc:classy straps44 oc:krd97 hybrid31314 pegasus497298 zebra23800 zebracorn595 zony1673 anthro360157 unguligrade anthro65366 g42031031 bdsm10880 blushing274544 bondage46567 bound arms90 bound wings4847 clothes635365 eyes rolling back4429 fleshlight gag167 gay37264 high res407917 holding chin19 horsecock99502 insertion24003 latex18958 latex stockings879 latex suit6775 legbinder52 looking at each other34395 looking at someone16071 male551469 milking machine1139 necktie11325 nudity513363 orgasm denial1619 padded cell394 pants22440 penis213766 penis pump172 rainbow blitz2865 rule 6333440 stockings48608 story included12843 straitjacket1079 straps1100 suit9031 suspended3880 suspension bondage1319 thigh highs59730 urethral insertion720 wings223467 zony oc330


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