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safe2040940 screencap272578 pipp petals14253 pegasus434603 pony1394064 as the misty clears428 g549538 my little pony: tell your tale14195 spoiler:g516728 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale13014 spoiler:tyts01e53428 bass guitar720 bipedal45409 brainwashing710 diadem242 electric guitar1562 evil grin5765 female1661501 grin55903 guitar6194 headband4955 heavy metal pipp11 jewelry98107 lightning3938 mare652402 messy mane9566 musical instrument14179 pipp metals19 possessed2084 red eyes9415 red-eyed pipp137 regalia31853 smiling350346 solo1322269 speaker1388 stars20932 unshorn fetlocks39314


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Background Pony #9DA2
In my opinion, the red eyes, the crazy look and the evil grin on Pipp’s face is too much.
Background Pony #8810
pipp not have red eyes ut is pippbut with red eyes the pipp whe know allhave green eyes not red
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Princess Luna fan #1
I would love to see Zipp Storm playing the electric guitar because I think it would be much more Zipp Storm style than Pipp Petals because Pipp is more pop music style than rock music
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Why does Pipp have multiple guitars?
I am more wonder why she plays a 4 neck bass guitar (only four strings on each neck). I am even not really sure if such bass guitars really excist and if they are really necessary. But I guess, here it is just for the look. A 4 neck guitar with a slight BC Rich similar design combined with evil grinning Pipp with messy mane and red eyes should just looks like metal.