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In most MLP diaper art, you pretty much always see only the poofy diapers we’re so accustomed to on the rumps of ponies. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any artist depict a pony wearing a realistic horse diaper, a sort of manure/urine bag. I’d like to hear you guy’s feedback, it’s always nice to read.
Anywho, I’ll see you guys on here in another couple months. lol

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Za Rodinu
Because the most that I know about this issue is that in a circus, seeing that a horse wants to start defecating, the trainer beats it so that it continues to move, and interrupts the process. Not every viewer will notice this moment, but such patience is harmful for the animal. And yes, I have not heard of any horse going to the toilet on command, I am not sure that they can be trained to do this…
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Lily Fathom
I never even knew horses have their own diapers. That is interesting.
Often times in perades and performances its required. Basically so its not on the streat or otherwise… the ground
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Real-life horse diapers are a pain to put them on
My horse go’s in circles to avoid me to put it on her after 10 minutes it on and ready for her walk
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Obviously am not the artists, but I don’t think you need to be sorry tbh. You didn’t rage at the artist, or insult them for making the art, you just explained why you personally dislike it, no issue.
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Meow meow meow
Props for realism and showing something like this since I didn’t even know horse diapers were a thing and it’s always cool to learn something new, but MLP and animation artwork is the escape Realism and honestly I just find this gross sorry