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dA description:  
“A commission for Griffin, Here we have the Princess of crystals, Princess Cadence. I have seen lots of pics of this character and I did believe I would draw her somewhere down the line. Included in the pic I added the Captain of the Royal Guard, Shining Armor (I had seen a lot of pics of the two together). I had to make her look slightly younger than the other Princess, as for shining armor, I saw a lot of pics of him in purple pony armor so I went for the Knight look (in purple). I also noticed his symbol looks like Twilight Sparkle (related?).
the pic came out good on the 1st try but the colors I had to redo (esp. in the hair). the crystal thrown came out better than I thought. Had to use Photoshop to get the shine in the crystal right.
Hope everyone likes my rendition of the two.

suggestive190436 artist:shonuff44403 princess cadance39986 shining armor28041 human244744 g42025893 bedroom eyes82011 blushing273391 breasts390076 busty princess cadance4451 cleavage46577 clothes632930 crystal empire2861 dress61852 evening gloves10863 female1799111 garter belt12208 garters3619 high heels17125 humanized119314 lipstick16658 looking at you258525 male549637 milf13283 necklace32227 open mouth236820 ship:shiningcadance3539 shipping253769 smiling396301 socks95216 stockings48348 straight178756 thigh highs59283 throne4335


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Enjoy me. Won’t you?
“I also noticed his symbol looks like Twilight Sparkle (related?).” Correct, shonuff44. He is Twilight’s big brother, her B.B.B.F.F. (Big Brother Best Friend Forever.)
Background Pony #3F47
I have to say humanized Cadance is by far my favourite from what the artist had posted. I really hope he will draw more of her :D
Background Pony #3F47
Cadance looks like as if she got shagged an hour ago and is horny again ^^
Background Pony #D89F
No, man, look at that face. That is the face of someone whose magic is making his wife very happy right now.
Background Pony #EAA4
I bet there are some green dots in her eyes if we could see close enough. No way Cadence is this lewd.