Season 7 Episode Discussion [Speculation, Discussion, Spoilers] (SPOILER YOUR LEAKS)

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So are the town ponies just gonna forget every thing that happened in this episode?
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First Sonic Boom and the feminism and it’s constant self awareness and now MLP being self aware with it’s fandom.

Time to dust off my television.
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Honestly the only thing that was missing was some random pony crying about Starlight’s existence and how she doesn’t "add" anything to the group.
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After watching the episode outside the stream, I honestly enjoyed it quite a bit and it had me laughing at quite a few points too.
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The best part isn’t even poking fun at the fandom, but everyone’s mental breakdown. Especially Rarity’s.
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I actually wonder if Season 8 will be the last. If it is, then that means Equestria Girls will be the new MLP FIM and G5 might not have ponies at all…

I commented on it being a reference to For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils.
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