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…that rings pretty true with me; I actually started out pretty vocal on here (I suppose I have to admit I had a little bit of that attitude you mentioned), and of course it went about as well as any other time I’ve gotten in an argument on a forum (that is to say, not very well at all). Now not only does it seem pointless to speak, but it seems like it’d just be asking for drama; I’m part of such a small minority here that I not only feel alone, but the very points I would challenge seem to be accepted as gospel truth here.
It doesn’t help that I’ve become aware of some unresolved issues that, quite frankly, scare the crap out of me; I’m currently trying to answer some questions of the most fundamental nature, and I know I won’t have peace until I get those answers.
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Welcome to the educational system of any country that tries to turn students in jacks-of-all-stats so that they can adapt to anything later in life, but fail miserably because no country can afford teach each student in ways they can actually learn depending on their personalities and capacities.
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Because I just know the minute I make one wrong move, I get screamed at and branded an idiot for life, and it terrifies me.
I already consider myself an idiot, and always keep in mind that I may very well be wrong. Then when I’m actually wrong, I just change my idea to what I think is right at that moment, and continue.
But I’ve never been called an idiot in an aggressive manner,so maybe I just don’t know that fear.
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There are other ways to test that. Less expensive ways that don’t send most of the Honor Society into mental breakdowns about their future. Ways that don’t send students home thinking they’re worthless because they’re simply not good at a certain section of the curriculum. Ways that don’t have students wishing they were dead because laying in the ground and being eaten out by maggots is a better way to live (die?) than remembering one more SAT word.
If you think I’m exaggerating, talk to any Honor roll student (well, almost any; there are some kids who are just machines, plain and simple). In an AP class once I went to the community library to study when I saw my friend there. She hadn’t been in school that day. Now, one thing to know about my friend is that she’s confident. She’s class president, friends with practically everyone, and carries herself well. And I asked her why she wasn’t in school.
“Jess,” she said “I literally broke down. I got out of bed, thought about AP, and could not stop crying. My parents refused to let me go to school. I’ve been here since 12:00 AM, doing the AP work, and I’m still not finished.” It was 2:50 PM at that point, by the way.
There are so many other ways we could learn.
Hear, hear.

Pretty much this; you could easily get a grasp on economics and the scientific method just by playing certain video games, we share useful information over the internet all the time, and nothing really beats hands-on experience. The idea of a totalitarian institution essentially holding children captive and forcing a training program upon them through which information is filtered and distributed like rations is just downright absurd, not to mention it requires a bit to much trust in the state.
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Just fucking sick of people. Spent nine hours busting my back to keep the vultures (can hardly be called customers) at work fed in produce, and it’s just more stupidity and assholeness from around online today, too. More than the expected amount, anyway.
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I’m just straight up fucking tired of people that say technology is stagnating and don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.
“All of technology and science is stagnant cause my latest iphone can’t shoot lazerbeams and doesn’t have rocket powered fists”  
“What does that have to do with technological advancement?”  
“I say it does therefore it does”  
“That doesn’t answer the-”  
“lalalala can’t hear you”
If you’re one of those people here’s the quick rundown of why you’re fucking wrong about everything.
1)Moore’s law only applies to how many transistors and such you fit. By 2020 we’re going to have single atom transistors for computers.  
2)Moore’s law doesn’t apply to memory. A example of this is that scientists created a silicone crystal drive that could store 350 tb per disc by storing information five dimensionally. You know how in superman the fortress of solitude has that computer that can store nearly infinite information? Yeah that’s possible.  
3)While quantum computing is better at large number crunching it does still have potential application for computers. You know how once in a while a video game or whatever makes your computer fan act like it’s dying? That’s what it would be good at.  
4)The single biggest nail in the coffin if the blue brain project. What’s the blue brain project? The blue brain project is a project to understand how the human brain processes information, works and essentially reverse engineer it. I know what you’re saying, “oh but that won’t change anything”, well tough fucking luck buddy, but you’re wrong. While the purpose of the blue brain project is to essentially create a artificial brain(essentially a android brain) this does have other real world applications.
A brain as small as a earthworm’s is more powerful than any super computer’s; and your brain is more powerful than all the computers on earth combined. . . So wouldn’t have desktop computers that are more powerful than all the current computers on the planet combined I don’t know. . Jump technology a couple decades ahead?
The most likely scenario is that two decades from now we’re going to have home computers the size of credit cards that are more powerful than modern supercomputers.
I forgot something:  
Moore’s law only applies to transistors. If science fiction “neurochips” become a reality then we’ll have to scrap moore’s law all together, not cause technology won’t advance, but because technological advancement will become sporadic and unpredictable; one year it could get boosted by five years, another year it could not advance at all, another year it could advance five hundred years; no one honestly knows what could happen and that’s probably why so many people are fucking terrified cause no one really knows what will happen.
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Fuck makeup. Every woman I know spends hundreds of dollars a year on makeup. I ask them why and they tell me they’re expected to look a certain way. That’s fucked up. Nobody should feel that way. Besides, I’ve seen all of these people without makeup and they look exactly the same. I have never seen a single person in person or otherwise (barring people with facial scars or disfigurement) that looked drastically different with makeup on unless it’s an inch thick on their face.
Tangentially: why is it that “normal” romantic relationships seem to be based entirely on lies? Dressing up classier than you normally would, pretending to like things your lover likes, hiding your weird kinks from each other, the fact that people would rather cheat than break up, makeup again. I don’t understand why people can’t just say “this is me, this is what I look like, this is what I like, this is what I don’t like” instead of having it come out later and possibly ruining the relationship.
I feel the same most of the time but not to the same extent. For me, I think the problem is that my life has kinda been on pause for a couple of years due to living just south of the middle of nowhere and lack a driver’s license.
This. This. This, this, this. I retained so much more when I was done with school. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be an education system or I know how to make it better but…it needs to be better.
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I’ve got something to say about technology. I’m also one of those people who believe that smaller isn’t always better. In fact the smaller things seem to break easier. A couple of examples:
1.Every laptop in my house will stop working before my desktop (It already outlasted one of them). This thing is almost 5 years old, and runs better than every laptop in my house combined (with a family of 8 and half of them having their own laptops).
2. My Nintendo Gamecube broke not even 3 years after buying it. I’ve had my N64 for 13 years now, and it still works fine. My gamecube broke because there was some microscopic piece in the opening that reads the disc. It apparently either became dusty and was too small to clean off, or it just broke off entirely.
I just think some technological devices like some phones, some computers, and even consoles are taking a wrong turn…
I hate almost everything about makeup. I see no point in anyone buying it. I tell my girlfriend all the time that she looks beautiful without it, so hopefully I’ll get my message across (I’ll meet her in person this summer).  
I just believe that people just look better without it.
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