Talk to Twilight Tragedy

Background Pony #EFE2
Twilight: You were the one who made the Elements of Harmony! I remember you had to sacrifice yourself for to stop the Pony of Shadows!
Starswirl: I thoight you said she forgot.
Celestia: She seems to remember you whatever reason.
Starswirl: Well she does not look very eager to see me. In fact she looks both nervous and confrontational and that she might be expecting me to fight her.
Background Pony #EFE2
Twilight: Waahhhh, are yoy going yo hurt me?
Starswirl: Hold on! I won’t. Let me ask you, would you like to draw sad faces?
Twilight: How do you…
Starswirl: I’ve seen certain ponies like to do that in your state from ancient times. So I’m curious how it work.
Luna: I think we need to do other things.
Starswirl: Nonsense I’m curious.
Background Pony #EFE2
Celestia: The Tree of Harmony turned gray while Twilight was crying. We are still unsure as to why
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