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Oh dear, was that me?

Honestly, looks like four characters from one of those generic ’create your own (blank)’ flash games or those ’Anime Yourself’ ads.
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@Pepsi Twist
The aesthetic is all over the place and the visuals do not match the inertia of movement. It also doesn’t seem like the added cartoons really add anything story wise. The characters were just all kind of… there. It seemed like it was more interested in the technique used rather than anything else. Maybe it could have been fixed post-production and with further re-writes, but nothing in the footage was all that comparatively breath taking, either.

If it had been made, it would have likely been known as the "bad" Roger Rabbit rip-off, unfortunately. Roger Rabbit had the oportunity to be the first one in the scene with a timeless story. Space Jam is fondly remembered due to it being Looney Tunes related and by its theme song. The Duck would have been remembered the same as Cool World or Monkeybone. It’s still a shame the production didn’t go through. It’s not fun to be overtly critical about an unfinished project that the creators were obviously passionated about.
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I agree with the source OP on the pace being sluggish, and I’m also not a fan of the sound effects that just scream "HEY LOOK, IT’S A CARTOON!"
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It’s kinda weird how Donald and Mike’s antics and personality are unchanged throughout the years, but Goofy changed drastically.

He used to be a working man, somewhat collected and intelligent person when he first came out, plus smoking. But now, his style changed to his current laid-back attitude. Hell, he used to have a wife and now, he has Max but no one knows what happened to the mother.

Kinda sad.
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Disney XD could bring back Saturday morning cartoons if they aired new episodes of Ducktales, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and the upcoming Big Hero 6 on Saturday mornings.
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