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Commission for OCs, Ori Wisp.
Part of the 2021 Derpibooru Community Collab.

If you like this image and want to get a fully rendered vector of your own OC, check out my Commissions page.
safe1637990 artist:lightning stripe127 derpibooru exclusive26517 oc642071 oc only426379 oc:ori wisp5 deer5094 deer pony1095 original species23116 peryton240 2021 community collab917 derpibooru community collaboration3757 antlers1871 beard3391 blue mane729 cloven hooves9365 commission61147 cutie mark44042 facial hair5410 leonine tail7745 male350642 neck fluff692 one hoof raised986 show accurate12820 simple background370265 smiling229900 solo1019060 stallion100444 transparent background192330 two toned mane1123 vector74101 wings92686


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I feel a lot of things stolen here. The name, the pattern on the legs, the tail and wings, the floof… This is Sirzi's eikerren species actually.