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Yes; if you visit your gallery in a window/screen at least 700 pixels wide (ie. a computer or a larger phone rotated to landscape), at the top will be some links including “Edit”
It looks like the links to do that are hidden if your screen is too small, without any other way to get to them. :\

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Hey is there anyway to edit your existing galleries?
I wanted to reverse image order but already made the gallery by then.
If not is there a way to delete your gallery? So I can start over.
EDIT: All the editing features I needed were already there but for some reasons the editing prompts are not visible on mobile for me. I had to switch to the desktop version of the site for me to edit my gallery how I wanted to.

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No worries. Everyone always misses something that seems obvious after the fact. Took me nigh on a year to notice there was a search bar at the bottom of the page that let me sort by Score/upload date/comments/width/etc.
As for Galleries:  
-Go to one of the images you want to be in the gallery.
-Right above the image, to the right of the list of upvotes, downvotes, comments. Are some other buttons. “subscribe/unsubscribe. Galleries. Related. View.” and so forth.
-Mouse over “Galleries” and a dropdown should appear.
-Click “Create new gallery”
-Set the info. Gallery title, description, warning tags [NSFW, Grotesque, Memes, what have you] And the image number for the gallery thumbnail. By default it’s the image you clicked “create a gallery” on. But you can always change that whenever you want.
-Click “save gallery”.
To add more images to the gallery:  
-Go to image you want to add.
-Mouse over the “galleries” button again.
-You should see the name of the gallery you created.
-Click it. It should now be highlighted green. That means the image is now in the gallery.
-You can click it again to remove the image from the gallery.
Let me know if you have more questions.

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