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Roleplaying » MYMC05E1: Cutie Blossom Bash Reaction Script (F): Misty cannot go through with the ceremony » Topic Opener

Roleplaying » MYMC05E1: Cutie Blossom Bash Reaction Script (E): Misty and her friends prepare for the ceremony » Topic Opener

Roleplaying » MYMC05E1: Cutie Blossom Bash Reaction Script (D): Opaline ponders about Misty » Topic Opener

Roleplaying » MYMC05E1: Cutie Blossom Bash Reaction Script (C): Misty Meets Cutie Blossom Bash Participants » Topic Opener

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n00b w3bm4st3r
Are you guys aware PonyTown is still a thing and it’s activities? Also Event Pony Town
I’m sure like 60% of you are aware PT is still a thing but my question is how active and how in-dept the community is, I dunno if some of the things I’ll mention is gonna be marked nsfw so I’ll make it in spoilers or I’ll remove it if it’s fine
Did you guys know that cults are apparently a thing in there? Like many different factions, groups, clans and cults even, which is crazy and bizarre on its own but the fact that a cult like following can develop on there is amazingly interesting, of course there are different levels or seriousness to it, some groups are pretty tame compared to the rest but its just bonkers!
18+ Servers:
Another thing too are the strip clubs in 18+, like its crazy too, sometimes you’ll see funny characters, some are really interesting and some are just downright creepy. Of course most people in those private islands/parties are role-players but some are just there to hang out and see what the other ponies are up to.
The counter-part to cults, these groups are neat, they’re like a small pony-group that typically travel together and sometimes have recruiters or even scouts. Sometimes RP is involved, sometimes not.
Event Server:
The events server is fun too, for meeting staff and also just hanging out with music, seeing events like Ponies At Dawn album release or just other PonyCon events, some of them can get pretty big and the activities as well.
I’m sure there’s a TON of lore that I also want to find out about and try to document everything, for archival purposes.
I wanna do is to attempt to locate all interesting clans, cults and groups of people and categorize them, document them and create a sort of a whiteboard-like structure and grade them based on whatever or sorta give them levels.
This isn’t an advertisement for PT or anything, just interesting and wanted to see if anyone else here knew about it or the levels of how in-depth it can go. Apologies if this breaks the rules, I don’t look at forums a lot (did read the rules tho) and typically just browse pony artworks :P

Roleplaying » MYMC05E1: Cutie Blossom Bash Reaction Script (B): Arrival at Zephyr Heights » Topic Opener

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Tagging Discussion » Yoshi tags needing aliasing/implications » Topic Opener

Tagging Discussion » Alias "mimic izzy" to "oc:mimic izzy" » Topic Opener

Roleplaying » MYMC05E1: Cutie Blossom Bash Reaction Script (A): New Mane Six in the Marestream » Topic Opener

Background Pony #D610
Professor: GGGAAAWWW, JEEPERS!!! WHat they HAY, Inspector???!!
Inspector/Pilot Captain: SORRY! Got into a lil’ bit of turbulence!!
Deputy Mare: Bull-HONKY!! You’re flying WAY past the safety limit, Captain! It would be best if we take the necessary precautions to avoid any other potential collisions
Inspector/Pilot Captain: NO can do, Deputy!!! We are workin’ on borrowed time!!

Tagging Discussion » "cheek bulge" vs. "puffy cheeks"? » Topic Opener

Background Pony #3D20
Is there a difference between cheek bulge and puffy cheeks?
Also for consideration:
cheek puffing is a particular action, to blow into one’s closed mouth to puff out the cheeks. Probably should imply one of the above tags. A few posts tagged with this are probably mis-tagged.
aweeg* already has a definition, “Talking while eating, so words are blurred, or just puffy-cheeked eating”, so it doesn’t necessarily include puffy cheeks, but often will.

Tagging Discussion » Some tags' implications need updating, because those tags have been aliased » Topic Opener

Background Pony #583F
Adding a tag will add its implications verbatim, without changing aliased tags into what they should be. Then, normal users are incapable of removing those tags from an image.

General Discussion » Winter is coming "Middle America" » Topic Opener

Artist -

Lily Fathom
And anywhere else up north. I just know I will be happy about having more time for projects and art. In Mo its literally you Mo the lawn every week.
Anyone else looking forward to the holiday seasons?

Tagging Discussion » (mostly NSFW) "faceless [x]" tags shouldn't imply "offscreen character", etc. » Topic Opener

Background Pony #EC46
faceless male, faceless female, and faceless futa currently imply offscreen character (and faceless male also implies offscreen male)
However, a character can be “faceless” by being obscured as opposed to by being out of frame, such as in (all examples explicit) >>3200536 >>3187245 >>3062180 >>2164304, by not being drawn >>2540257, or by being just enough out of frame that it hardly feels like “offscreen character” applies >>3175827 >>3199621
While I recognize that sometimes implications are there because they are too often forgotten, and they should get have their implications removed in a 2nd tagging step afterward, I feel like that isn’t the case for these.

Art Chat » [NSFW] Are you okay with the following uses of art (yours or others')? » Topic Opener

Background Pony #C047
Cum tributes
When somebody posts a video or picture cumming on (or doing other IRL sexual acts with) a piece of artwork. It usually involves an LCD screen or photo print, but in exceptionally rare cases, somebody might be ambitious and remake the art with fruit or on a rock or with dominoes or something (I have yet to see it).
Personal opinion
Although the quality is often poor, it sometimes isn’t. Nonetheless, that isn’t a good argument. The only reason I can see artists fearing cum tributes is that it might promote sexual harassment (such as unsolicited nudes in their DMs) or it’d feel too intimate if they stumbled into someone jacking off to their art. However, I think the awkward feelings are only partially valid. While nudes are more intimate than erotic art, it’s only by a little bit. You don’t know me personally because you’ve seen my penis and we aren’t sexting because I jacked off to your art. Plus, real genitals aren’t THAT much different from art genitals. There are fringe cases where people are sex-repulsed and somehow have a higher tolerance level to fictional porn, but even then, I urge these people to use filters on-site and grant permission to make cum tributes off-site and revoke the privilege if it DOES happen to lead to excessive sexual harassment from multiple people. It’s a fair use, as it’s a derivative photo art commentary. (If you tribute Japanese art, censor your genitals and feces.)
When somebody takes artwork and adapts it to fit their own vision. Some may be AI-based, others may be a change in fetish or theme, and others may be simple color tweaks or adding in non-sexual objects.
Personal opinion
Like with cum tributes, the quality varies, but I think it’s silly to censor derivative content or disapprove of your art being used in sexual ways you don’t personally enjoy. Everyone else has to use filters if they want to avoid content, so why don’t artists suck up their egos and do the same as the rest of us? Separate tagging and credit should be mandatory, but downright censorship is absurd. Like with cum tributes, let’s hold people who overstep sexual boundaries in an artist’s DMs accountable: not off-site actors. (If you edit Japanese art, censor genitals and feces.)
AI usage
When somebody runs your art through an AI dataset and teaches it how to create similar artwork.
Personal opinion
This isn’t art theft, as it’s just an automated means of seeing, learning, and replicating what is viewed in art (like standard artists do). If wonky AI art without a human review and touch-up is enough for the market, AI art isn’t to blame, and you should be expected to shift your marketing towards the quality of your product and presentation rather than begging for clients simply because you exist.
When somebody shares art on their own page, either with credit, without credit, or claiming they made it.
Personal opinion
This is the one area where my views are more in-line with regular artists. Sources should ALWAYS be posted when available, as credit alone might not be enough for traction. Where my opinion may differ, however, is whether or not art should be posted if the source isn’t known or was purged. Archival can be commendable and it can be satisfying to find lost stuff, but at the same time, there’s always new stuff (and it almost always tends to be better [with the exception of high-quality art in niche subjects: i.e. chibi bathroom fetish porn]) and archival in call-out contexts feels like being permanently cancelled (Buddha says you can’t take back words once they’re said, but today, ‘not hiding from your past’ means ‘your past haunts you forever and accountability = extreme eternal judgment’).

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