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Fanfiction » [NSFW] Testing A Time-Jumping, Multiverse-Killing, Consciousness-Spawning Theory Of Reality » Topic Opener

Acid Flask
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Chemical Enginer
“Ok,” Acid says, adjusting his spiky red and blue hair, accidently hitting his bent horn that has a silver collar around the base of it with a green glowing gem attached to it. Her shakes his head before taking a deep breath and sighing. The 5 foot red stallion with dark blue zebra strips on his arms, legs, and one around his neck checks the clock on his lab wall again.
“You sure it’s ready?” Dox, a black changeling that is barely his height with green hair and eyes and wearing a lab coat and blue jeans, asks.
“Yes,” Acid nods, not looking at him but at the machine against the wall. Two pods big enough for a pony. One with a clear glass door and the other with a mat black door. He then turns to Dox with a reassuring smile before pulling on his long red and Blue tail that had gotten caught on the table.
He rummages through his lab coat before looking over at Dox. “You got any hair types or rubber bands?” He asks as a knock at the door rings out. Before Dox can responds, Acid says “Never mind.” He dashes past Dox, causing him to shrug and fallow him to the door.
“Hello,” Acid smiles, opening the door and treating a group of his fellow scientists. One of witch was Princess Twilight who looked very exited for what’s to come. “Come on in, line up behind the table. I even marked it with tape.” Acid says as Dox shows them to there spots.
“How’s the theory?” Twilight whispers to Acid as he closes the door.
“Theory is good, it’s the experiment I’m worried for,” Acid whispers back as he walks past her and grabs his lab note book and brings it over to the table the others were lined up in front of. He stands on the other side of the table to them as he places the note book onto the table and opens it up.
He looks over at Dox in the line up, who give him a big smile and a thumbs up. Acid smiles back before nodding and turning to the group in front of him.
“Has everyone read Sir Roger Penrose’s paper on Superposition?” Acid asks, looking around the group. A few node, Twilight smiling enthusiastically.
“I’ll try and sum it up for you,” Acid says. “We all know that at the quantum level particles can be in a flux of states, called a Superposition. It’s able to be in one spot while also being in another at the same time. The only time we know were it is is when we observe it and collapse it down to one point,” Acid explains. “Penrose proposed that when viewed the particle doesn’t instantly collapse, but becomes always in that position,”
Acid says, pulling over a chalk board. “There are three main things in his theory, one,” He says, writing on the board. “Gravity causes wave function collapse witch has been proven to be true and the only friction force to be perfectly reversable,” Acid says, writing down gravity causes wave function collapse before moving onto number two. “And the main part of the theory is that instead of collapse at that moment, the collapse retro-activity causes the same particle through out time and space to become what it has been seen as.” Acid says, under lining retro-activity before turning to face the group.
“This is were my theory come into play and were we could prove his.” Acid says, putting down the chalk next to his lab book to draw their attention. “Theoretically if you could say, track down a partial that’s still in a superposition without observing it. You could send information to it, so when you do observe it, it will turn into what ever the information you sent it.” Acid reads his lab book. “This would prove that when observed, the particle becomes what it will always be. Retro actively going back in time and become it. It would also open up a potential for time travel but that’s for the next generation. We are just trying to make an easy, functional teleporter.”
Acid smiles as the group claps. Twilight grinning at his presentation as Dox walks up to him with an apple in his hand stretched out. “Now time for the test run before my assistant, and son, will jump in as the first pony test subject.” He says, smiling over at Dox, who smiles back. Acid takes the appl from Dox before walking over to the pod with the glass door.
“Why is the other door mat black?” One mare asks, looking to Dox as Acid places the apple inside the pod before closing the door.
“It’s to limit the possibilists of anything observing the particles,” Dox says, air quoting observed.
“We still don’t fully know what observed means,” Acid says, walking over to Dox. “So we’ve taken every possible precaution.” Acid turns to Dox. “You want to do the honor?” He says, gesturing to the control panel next to the machine. Dox nods, walking over to the control panel while the other watch.
Dox flicks some switches and turns a few dials before hitting a button and crossing his fingers. The pod hums, a blue light radiating, slowly blinding the ponies before dyeing down slowly. The group looks too see the apple gone from the pod. Acid smiles before rushing over to the other pod and opening it up. Sitting on the ground is a small, red apple like the one they had put in.
“And here it is,” He says, picking up the apple and showing off as he closes the door. Dox hits a switch, causing a vent to pull out the air from the pod and replace it with new one. Acid sets the apple onto the table, everyone writing down notes and chatting with big smiles.
“How do you think this will be used if it hits the public?” Twilight asks.
“Helpfully we won’t need trains anymore for long distant travels.” Acid says with a big smile. “It would just be a Jaunt away from going to Ponyvill and back for the day!” He says with a smile.
“Have you tested it on a living thing?” A stallion asks.
“Yes,” Acid says, pointing over at the stallions. “I have, and the only bad side effect was weaker muscles that is quickly recovered from.” He explains, looking down at the apple. His smile faulters as something about the apple didn’t sit right. Was it less round? less bright? Was it smaller, more squishy looking? He had no time to answer those questions zooming through his head before the pod door clicked shut.
He turns to see Dox already standing in the pod with a big smile. Acid smiles back, walking up to the control panel and setting the required dials and switches. “Ready?” Acid asks Dox.
“Yep,” He says with a big smile. His heart racing.
“Here we go,” Acid says, hitting the button and holding his breath as the bright light returns. Covering Dox and blinding the rest before slowly dyeing back down. Acid quickly walks over to the other pod, waiting a moment, then opening the door.
“Tada!” Dox says with a big smile, stepping out of the pod before being caught by Acid as his right leg gives out. “Dang, right leg is a bit loopy,” He says as Acid helps him get stable. He thumps his left leg awake before standing straight up. Acid now looking slightly up at Dox, but taking no mind as he turns to the others.
“As you can see, it worked perfectly!” He smiles. The ponies clapping before talking to each other and slowly walking out. Leaving the pair and Twilight.
“That was amazing!” Twilight smiles as she watches the pair clean up. Acid writing his findings in the note book.
“A few problems but over all good,” Acid confirms, smiling up at her.
“How did you find a particle with out observing it?” twilight asks.
“Magic,” Acid says, confusing Twilight a bit. “No really, there is a locater gem inside that castes a spell to find a particle in superposition and…” Acid stops as he notices the apple had now defiantly aged quite a bit like it had been left out for a few days and still getting older. “That’s not good,” Acid says.
Twilight follows his gaze down to the apple that was nearly dust. Her mouth opens slightly as her eyes widen. “I thought you tested it.”
“I did,” He says, quickly running over to the cadge were is rate was kept. He looks inside and even opens the slide, but the rate was gone. “Oh Fuck!” he yells, turning to Dox. he had grown a bit more sense he had looked at him last.
“What?” Dox asks, wondering why they were looking at him before he cries out in pain. Acid runs over to him as he collapses to the floor in withering pain. Twilight watches in horror as Acid tries to comfort Dox in his arms.
“What’s… happening…” Dox crocks out as his body grows longer, and taller. His hair growing out as his fangs grow longer. Scars show up on his body as his arms grow longer. Acid, in tears and unable to respond, just holds Dox as he ages, growing older and older before the little changeling had slowly grown up, and turned to dust in his hands like the apple had done.
“No,” Acid says, tears running down his cheeks before yelling this time. “NO!” He collapses on the pile of dust that was his son. Tear streaming down his cheeks as he sobs. twilight quickly running over, tears in her own eyes as she hugs him. Trying to comfort him.

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