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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

@Background Pony #4530

Meghan wasn't the one who edited that together, was she? I'll also note she either way had no role over writing or story editing the S6 finale, which is playing over that.

I feel it's worth noting she had Sombra killed and Tirek banished right back to Tartarus, in episodes she wrote, aside from her not really going for much of a sympathetic angle for Chrysalis the first time, between the bitchy disguised behavior, the implied murder provocation attempt with Twilight and Cadance for sick kicks, and the terrorist attack carried out with complete gusto.

…also now that I remember, she was part of the Movie writing team, and the Storm King died there.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

@Background Pony #4530

She knew Twilight was blowing up crystals, and led Twilight into blowing up the wall she was behind with her apparitions, unless you think Chrysalis planned for her to have friendly company in her imprisonment.

Say what you will, but it's more legitimate an implication than anything along the lines of "Chrysalis wanted Cadance alive" like I've seen, because there's never a hint in any of her actions or words that she had any desire to control her into renewing love for her ends, as interesting a premise as it might be. Cadance had to plead not to be hurt.

(on another note perhaps the "crystal apparition" part was a carryover from the original plans for Chrysalis to have been the one who took over the Crystal Empire, not Sombra)

@Brass Beau

Tempest, Sunset, Discord. With two of those, not sure it's enough to be a pattern, with such a small sample size, but they were basically "less evil lackeys to the main baddie," and I suppose in terms of backstory Scorpan may count in that he used to work with Tirek, but turned a new leaf by turning against him after diplomacy failed.
Background Pony #4530
Chrysalis literally didn't do anything to the ponies while they were all reunited in the main room with her, Chrysalis wants to rule the ponies not kill them off
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