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I believe “Mecha Sonic” from the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise may be an example, given the name.
EDIT: Just for reference on those not too familiar with the franchise: While there is a character named “Metal Sonic”, there actually is another robot character in the series named “Mecha Sonic”.
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I agree about this distinction, but there’s only one picture tagged “mecha pony” that’s actually a mecha (unless those Pony Life characters are mecha in the series). Do we need a tag for one picture?
EDIT: there’s also the mecha tag, which is more useful because it actually has some mechas in it.
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palindrome get needs a description, if only so that people can know what in the world it’s supposed to be about. Ignoring the obvious “what’s a palindrome anyway?” question, the only reason I even got an inkling of what it might be is the description to this picture (which isn’t tagged “palindrome get” to boot);
Hit a palindrome landmark on my artist tag with this one (212) and on aura images (828), as well as positive message image 111. 🎇
And I’m not even sure that’s what the tag is actually about, since that’s something that tends to get outdated quick, and therefore hard to verify without an actual comment mentioning the landmark.
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“Get” is when an image’s DB ID (in the URL) has an amusing regularity. Normal gets have multiple (at least 4 or 5) repeating digits in the end, a palindrome get has a mirroring sequence of digits. Pattern gets like X343434 often also get recognition.
Sometimes people are excited about uploading the image that ends up being the Nth on a tag, N being a “get”-worthy number, but for obvious reasons tagging such images with “get” tags would be pointless. When they screencap the tag get and upload it as a new picture, however, we can tag it as db tag get. And sometimes the uploader just commemorates the occasion with a little note in the image description.
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Sorry about being so rude yesterday, I was in a mood all day. And thanks for the answer.

So that there’s more to this post than just an apology, I have two questions.
First, duo is incompatible with shipping. Is there a tag for shipping pictures that feature only two characters, then? I didn’t find any.
Second, should vulgar apply to profanity in other languages? I browsed for french a few days ago and found this image, where Rarity says the equivalent to “shut the fuck up,” and I got curious.
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Ah, sorry, I meant a shipping equivalent to duo in the sense of “only two characters in a picture” rather than ‘only two characters are shipped.’
If you wanted, say, pictures of TwiDash—only TwiDash—and didn’t want to have to filter out the other four Mane 6. And Spike. And Starlight. And maybe Sunset too. And…
Good point about polyamory, that’s a good way to filter out other ships when browsing. Maybe even all other ships, if you’re sticking to only one character (since it wouldn’t hide pictures with more than one ship).
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There are two tags that need descriptions: looking to the left and looking to the right . Right now it’s unclear whether that means character’s left/right or viewer’s left/right. Also they should imply looking to side (and the existing “looking to side” pictures probably need tagging with left/right variant).
EDIT: and “looking to side” also needs to specify whether this means character’s side or viewer’s side.
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