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safe1709326 artist:foal71 scootaloo51311 smolder7967 spike78876 terramar782 dragon56467 hippogriff9755 pegasus292888 pony970436 seapony (g4)4552 blank flank7591 claws5075 cloud30809 colt14945 comic109218 dragon wings691 dragoness8527 fangs25433 female1365760 filly66963 hooves17874 horns5968 hug28331 look-alike75 magic73404 male373693 not scootaloo85 ocean6543 open mouth146425 ponified41191 ponified smolder15 ponified spike277 species swap19799 tail27932 tail hug262 tail pull2238 transformation10783 wat19260 winged spike8396


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Biggest loser
Scoot has twins that she never knew after being given up by her parents to live a better life, the prophecy says she'll reunite and they find their mom, SCOOTALOO UNDERGROUND
Background Pony #B1D3
So this is why Scootaloo and Smolder are never seen together in any episode. Because Scootaloo is secretly Smolder!