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I honestly havent seen any of the sonic movies yet… but I plan to.
I did like Sonic prime though ^^ So im kinda looking forward to Knuckles. What would be neat would be if each character got a separate show for the stuff they do After Sonic Frontiers….
Knuckles exploring away from the island.. Tails going to be his own hero.. and Amy sharing her love and power with the world..
and then Sonic feeling lonely and missing his pals.. or running across other friends like Silver, Blaze, the Chaotix, the Chao or Cream.
My freaking dream moment for a show would be Blaze and Shadow interacting…

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Half Kitsune
You know the one goal they made for the game? To make it be a “Classic Sonic” game again, but unlike “Sonic Mania” they would make every single level be original instead of recycling old ones like “Green Hill” or “Chemical Plant”, something that people were complaining about in “Mania”. And even better, the Chaos Emeralds would grant special abilities instead of the tiresome “collect all 7 in increasingly difficult special stages to become Super Sonic”.
Alas, their efforts got mixed reviews, people saying that “Mania” is still superior even with the recycled stage issue. I’d hate to hear the devs’ feelings about all that work trying to make that dream a reality, and it not working out so well. It’s not like they can take their ideas, go back in time and make “Mania” be what they wanted “Superstars” to be.
I have a habit of sympathizing with devs, seeing as how they’re real people and that game-making isn’t as fun as it sounds, at least according to Sakurai on his YouTube channel.

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The scene where the General gave Tom the Olive Garden gift card (instead of something much more useful like money to fix the house) was such a dumb scene, especially the part where he was still trying to peek into their home while the door was closing. Creep, much?
Mike Meyers can pull of blatant product placement and still have it at least somewhat fun to watch.

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