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Dragon Ball Thread

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I kinda like the part when Goku was a kid better. Later on, all the Dragon Balls collecting just happens off-screen, there’s no adventure anymore.
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Really curious how they’re going to handle Cell in Abridged. I imagine with 3 different personalities/voices, it’s a lot of exploitable stuff!

…the transformation really is drastic; DB started out as comedy loosely inspired by “The Monkey King” with a fantastic, adventurous atmosphere, but then it sort of turned into something like a Michael Bay sci-fi film about alien combatants, time travel and genetic engineering. In fact, it seemed to change more every time Toriyama “failed” to end the manga. (Heck, just look at “Battle of the gods”; history is repeating itself.)
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Does this mean we’re going to have to yell for five minutes inbetween posts?
For that matter, does that mean we’ll have to make 52 posts to finish expressing a single opinion?
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Ah, yes, the Japanese equivalent of Superman. Lots of good childhood memories. Oh, and I’m not going to mention the Dragon Ball movie as that didn’t happen. EVER.
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I feel it would be nice if Toriyama would do a remastering of the series, to close all the plot wholes and unify the whole thing, instead of it’s current state where it’s obvious he never planned out more then one arc ahead,
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He now knows that he went well beyond Goku’s wedding the original intended ending, then beyond Freeza, and Cell, there are allot of plot holes that creeped up from this, i would like to see him do the series again but with his knowledge of all that is to come sealing up the flaws that currently rely on nostalgia to cover them up, like more scenes showing Goku being good with his family to deal with the almost universal fanon that he is a neglectful jerk, as well as other flaws, maybe even manage to write some of the movies in,
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