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Sweet F.A.
I remember when something similar happened with Eddsworld, twice. The circumstances were entirely different—the original creator died of cancer, and then his replacement suffered a mental breakdown and handed off the show again—but the show continued on despite having to replace the showrunner and multiple cast members, although it definitely didn’t feel the same.
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2D love > 3D love
I just found a 2000s animated series called “Jane and the Dragon” (while Googling images of princesses being friends with dragons, although the titular Jane was a knight-in-training)
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@Background Pony #354A
That’s good news. Tbh, Koala Man is more Cusack’s project than Roiland’s so the series can live without him. Justin voiced one character who got killed off at the end of his debut episode, and that’s it.
Btw, I finished the series over the weekend. It’s not too bad, I’d give it a 7 or 8 out of 10. The last two episodes of the season were crazy…in a good way.
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Man. Roiland was everywhere these last few months and now he’s being straight up un-personed.
He deserves it, both for domestic abuse and his abuse of comedy, but it’s still quite a sight to see how far he’s and how fast he’s done it.
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