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@Penguin Dragneel
I haven’t played Sonic Frontiers yet but does this mean the birthday update included not just new content but also adjustments to the gameplay and controls so it can improve its reputation to the people who reviewed it? Usually the Sonic community has to do it themselves through mods but everyone would prefer Sega to do it themselves.
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Ooh, uh, quick note to anyone planning to get Origins Plus: the game card SAYS it but in actuality, it doesn’t come with the content preinstalled like Sonic Mania Plus; new copies come with a download code.
So uh… you know, just letting you know if anyone plans to play as Amy in Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
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It’s official indeed, though only available for preorder. (As far as I know.) And you can only get it for one system.
So subscribe to get it. (You can always cancel afterwords.) Though, the catch is, you have to wait until the game comes out to get your DLC code.
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I just recently rediscovered my collection of Archie Sonic comics that had been buried in my night stand for the past few years. StH had a very short run here in Germany from July 2012-July 2014 as a bimonthly magazine, originally a cheap kids’ magazine with assorted 25 Years Later stories, then the Genesis arc from 2013-14.
I remember being utterly disappointed when I found out it had been canceled. They left us on a cliffhanger right at the echidna deportation - and that was the last we ever heard of it.
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