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Now this debate is still yet to be settled:
I hear that the “Ultimate Lithium” batteries from Energizer are apparently the champion of AA, especially when it comes to shelf life.
What does Duracell have in response?

one day I will create own application too. I want to develop an IoT application for linux. Such app really acively use in many companies. IoT is a platform where many embedded devices are connected with one another through the internet. These devices collect and exchange data with one another. It helps me to create something similar like smart studio.
Robert Gallichi

And I personally really like to create different videos with 3D animation. By the way, I have a website. I made it a year ago. And I liked very much to create animations on it. I just looked at all the information Darvideo Animation Studio . And started to do this business. I liked it so much that I went on to do it. I think this is also such a part of technology. And it’s very advanced for me.
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